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Interview for LondonJazz

Award-winning composer/ pianist PETER EDWARDS has written a new work, Journey With The Giants of Jazz . It has already been premiered in Southampton, and the London premiere is on 8 July at the South Bank. He explained the background to Sebastian. LondonJazz News: Peter, you are a pianist, a composer/arranger and an educator. Does the proportion of the time you spend doing each vary widely? Peter Edwards: I guess you could call me a portfolio musician, which is the norm for most jazz musicians. I do love the variety of working on different projects. [I divide my time] 20% composition (large and small ensemble projects); 30% education (mainly private tuition and some workshops in schools); 30% as a pianist working with my own band or as a sideman; 10% arranging and co-writing; 10% musical direction.


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