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Keyboard setup for the Zara McFarlane Band 2018 UK tour

I thought I would do a quick overview of my keyboard setup for the 2018 UK tour that I am doing with Zara McFarlane band. The equipment list is below

- KORG SV1 (for electric piano, clavichord and piano sounds) with damper and expression pedals

with stereo outputs). The expression pedal is used to control the wah wah sound on for the

electric clavichord)

- Attached is a JBL portable speaker that is connected to the headphone jack (held on the

keyboard with blue tack!)

-IRig keys midi controller

- Laptop using logic organ patch and for triggering any sampled vocal tracks if required

- Apogee Duet 2 audio interface with Stereo outputs

- Adjustable piano stool, two double brace keyboard stands and a laptop.

- A whole host of cables ( usb, mini usb, 1/4 inch, connecting everything up!


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