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New Music Biennial - The Journey So Far in Pictures

Photographer Sean Spencer

With NMB commissioned composers in Hull with Vanessa Reed (PRS Foundation) team and Hull 2017. Commission will be played July 2

Photographer Elliott Franks

Viewing the venues at the Southbank Centre where the commission will be played July 8 Clore Ballroom

with the NMB composers at the Southbank Centre

With Turner Sims team and Tomorrow's Warriors live team at the early stages of planning the Jazz Ticket tour featuring my commission and arrangements for the Nu Civilisation Orchestra and Tomorrow's Warriors lead performances of local young musicians.

w/ commissioner of 'Journey with the giants of Jazz' Kevin Appleby from Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton

Premiere of 'Journey with the giant's of jazz' at Turner Sims Concert Hall 16 March 2017


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