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Peter Edwards Trio play Outspoken Jazz night with the Shout at Cancer Choir

I'm really pleased to announce that my trio will be performing with the Shout at Cancer Choir on 7 September 2018 at the Cockpit theatre, London as part of the 'Outspoken Jazz' night. Shout at Cancer is a newly founded charity dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives after laryngectomy – the surgical removal of the voice box, usually performed on inpatients with highly developed stages of throat cancer. The choir was formed to assist the rehabilitation of the patients through workshops in singing, reciting poetry and spoken word.

My band will be performing my compositions interspersed with specially chosen poems, recited by the patients, that help to tell their stories of life after treatment. Soprano Laverne Williams and spoken word poets 'Repeat Beat Poet' and Bruce Edward, who are working with the patients, will also be featured on the night.

So all in all it will be a fantastic night of music and words. I very much hope you can make it!

Some more information about the choir can be found in this footage for BBC news.


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