The Stuart Hall Project Live - 14 November

EFG London Jazz Festival is fast approaching and I'm getting the final arrangements ready for a special screening of The Stuart Hall Project on Monday 14 November at The Rich Mix Bethnal Green. Who was Stuart Hall? One of the UK’s seminal academics, founder of the New Left Review, founder of BritishCultural Studies, the person who coined the term Thatcherism: few among us are not in contact with Stuart Hall’s legacy. What to expect: Using the ever-changing musical directions of jazz icon Miles Davis music to map epochs of the late Stuart Hall’s thinking Peter Edwards leads the NCO ensemble in dazzling musical exploration on connections between the music, thought and cultural change. Click he

Jazz Concerto Grosso performance with National Orchestra for All

Back in April of 2016 was featured in an very unique performance that blended classical and jazz music. I've had a long association with The National Orchestra for all and was asked a year ago if I would be the featured artist for a very special commission for jazz trio and orchestra. #FeaturedPosts

Chris Searle Morning Star album review: A Sense Of Place Through Melody And Love

'I first heard the London pianist Peter Edwards at the Albany in Deptford when he was playing with the late New Orleans-born trumpeter, Abram Wilson. He was an integral part of Wilson’s quartet on his last album, Life Painting’s of 2009. Edwards grew up in music with a piano in the front room. As a schoolboy he learnt clarinet while his teenage brother, with whom he shared a room, brought home records by Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. He studied jazz at the Trinity College of Music then at the Ealing Jazz Festival he met British stalwarts bassist Gary Crosby, saxophonist Denys Baptiste and pianist Alex Wilson and he was soon a part of the young black British jazz initiative, Tomorrow’s Wa

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