Take away's From David Epstein's Book 'Range'

https://www.jordanharbinger.com/david-epstein-why-generalists-triumph-in-a-specialized-world/ https://unmistakablecreative.com/podcast/david-epstein-why-generalists-triumph-in-a-specialized-world/ suzuki method 18:16 - teaching music like language (Victor Wooten says a similar thing)

Herbie Hancock talks about 'Actual Proof' and the influence of tap dance

From 1:00:05 mark Band version that is from the 1974 Album 'Thrust' From the movie Soundtrack - closing titles Live version Mike Clark talks about the drum groove Possibilities - Herbie Hancock Book p170 excitement about another movie score and explains ‘The spook who sat at the door' p189 Paul Jackson's bass line wasn't the original bass line p247 Herbie on pressures of writing for film and procrastination.

The Wisdom of Chick

Interview with Chick Corea on getting started, Horace Silver, Miles Davis, Composing and the influence of his father.

Seeing Chick Corea's arrangement of Spain from Above

I watched this video last week and it beautifully show's the choreography of movement required when delivering a jazz piano arrangement full of detail. I would encourage anyone to look at the function of the left hand effortlessly changes from bass notes to rootless voicings with clever use of the piano. His left hand spans a large range of the piano . The left hand has a bass, harmonic and counter melodic role and is switching between them constantly. Some times it supports the right hand

Victor Wooten on music education

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG7gbqHAng4 I stumbled across this interview with bassist and educator Victor Wooten and it really struck a cord with my experience of music making etc...

Nu Civilisation Orchestra play Duke Ellington's 'Sacred Concert' at Albert Hall 29 August 2019

I'm pleased to announce that I will be directing my first BBC prom at the Albert Hall. It will be broadcast live on radio an televised on BBC Four. The Nu Civilisation Orchestra, BBC singers, Carleen Anderson and the UK vocal assembly will be performing a selection of works from Duke Ellington's masterpiece 'The Sacred Concert'. We will also have guest performances from pianist Monty Alexander and tap dancer Annette Walker About Jazz, showbiz swagger and spirituality come together as never before in Duke Ellington’s spectacular Sacred Concerts. Described by Ellington himself as ‘the most important thing I have ever done’, these sacred revues, blending big-band jazz, gospel and Broadway-style

Duo performance at Luxembourg's Philharmonie Concert Hall 21 March 2019

Last month Zara McFarlane and I did a very special duo performance in Luxembourg's Philhamonie Concert Hall. The show was a retrospective of our work together over the last 10 years and included music from Zara's back catalog, some of which we co-wrote. This was the first time we'd ever done a full length performance as a duo and it was a wonderful experience to revisit all the music from the past and present and recreate it with just piano and voice in an incredible acoustic space that required a touch of amplification. We hope to do it again someday! Some Pictures from the gig https://www.philharmonie.lu/en/programm/zara-mcfarlane/1948

Devotion to Movement

Last month Tello Morgado and I premiered a new work entitled 'Devotion to Movement'. To be honest it was an experiment in fusing manipulated video footage of traditional dance forms with live electro acoustic soundscapes. This project has been in development since 2018 and with the help of a residency at Poplar Union arts centre we were able to bring the idea into being. Tello brought a vast array of percussion instruments from around the world and to that I added synthetic soundscapes using my digital music setup. I had worked on the manipulation of the visuals myself come up with some really engaging material turned dancers into shifting pixelated colours, mirror images and moving geom

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