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Arrangement of Mongo Santamaria work for jazz ensemble plus voice

Con Alma

Arrangement of Dizzy Gillespie work for jazz ensemble plus voice

New Music Biennial - The Journey So Far in Pictures

Photographer Sean Spencer With NMB commissioned composers in Hull with Vanessa Reed (PRS Foundation) team and Hull 2017. Commission will be played July 2 Photographer Elliott Franks Viewing the venues at the Southbank Centre where the commission will be played July 8 Clore Ballroom with the NMB composers at the Southbank Centre With Turner Sims team and Tomorrow's Warriors live team at the early stages of planning the Jazz Ticket tour featuring my commission and arrangements for the Nu Civilisation Orchestra and Tomorrow's Warriors lead performances of local young musicians. w/ commissioner of 'Journey with the giants of Jazz' Kevin Appleby from Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton Premie

Premiere of commissioned work ' A Journey with the Giants of Jazz'

The Nu Civilisation Orchestra began 'The Jazz Ticket' tour at Turner Sims Concert Hall in Southampton. In January 2016 I was commissioned by Turner Sims to write a15 minute piece of music in tribute to 6 Jazz Greats all born in 1917 to celebrate their centenary.The commission was is part of the New Music Biennial celebrations. For more info check out the following links Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton Premiere **** In Rehearsal **** Luton Sixth Form College, with young musicians who partic

'Sensational Nu Civilisation Orchestra' performance of Joni Mitchell's 'Hejira'

After month's of planning and preparation of all the arrangements we finally got down delivering a performance of Joni Mitchell's Hejira at the Woman of the World festival at the Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall. It was a joy to work with our featured singers Lisa Hannigan, Nadine Shah, Emel Mathlouthi and Eska. We also had poet Sabrina Mahfouz reciting her own work that really set the tone for the evening. The Nu Civilisation Orchestra was joined by Voicelab led by Liz Swain and included a group of singers from women for refugee women. All in all it was a fantastic night of music and it was a wonderful experience to direct Read the Evening Standard 4 star review from the show .


Jazz Ensemble, choir and featured Vocalists The music of Joni Mitchell

The Jazz Ticket: Celebrating 6 Jazz Greats 16 March 2017 Premiered Commission - Turner Sims Southamp

Hi, I will be directing a commissioned work 'Journey with the giants of Jazz' that pays tribute to 6 jazz greats all born in 1917. The work will be a featured part of a much bigger performance called 'The Jazz Ticket' in which the Nu Civilisation Orchestra will be playing my work and 6 arrangements of pieces made famous by our jazz giants - Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich, Tadd Dameron, Theolonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Mongo Santamaria. We will also have musicians from local schools performing their own prepared pieces in small ensembles throughout the night having had workshops with members of the Tomorrow's Warriors educational faculty. The first performance will be Thursday 16 March 2017

2017 A Journey with the Giants of Jazz

​2017 A Journey with the Giants of Jazz Commissioned by Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton in association with Tomorrows Warriors (PRS Foundation)

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