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IRIS Prize Co-op Audience Award winning documentary 'Ted & Noel ' goes on UK nationwide tour

'Ted & Noel', the documentary film from Happenstance Films directed by Juila Alcamo was awarded the Co-op audience award at the 2023 IRIS awards. I really enjoyed composing the original music for this production and am pleased to see that it will be touring the UK with other IRIS awarded films celebrating the stories of the LGBTQ+ community. To find out more check out the link here. The dates and cinemas you can see Ted & Noel are listed below. Alternatively you can watch at your convenience at home on Channel 4

'For over 50 years, iconic activist Ted Brown has fought for

queer and black identities. But after losing his husband under

heart-breaking circumstances, a devastated Ted questions

the true impact of his activism.'

The Best of IRIS 2023 (15)

w/ the Happenstance production team and activist Ted Brown 2023


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