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Review: The Jazz Breakfast

The Tomorrow’s Warriors alumnus and former member of the Abram Wilson band has developed a clear and concise idea of what he wants to do with his piano playing, his compositions and this trio, which has Max Luthert on bass and Moses Boyd on drums.

The eight tracks are all composed by Edwards, and range from the Brazilian feel of the opener Samba City to the straight-ahead, heads down approach of The Runaround, despite its nursery rhyme-type theme. For the title track Edwards switches from concert grand to electric piano and settles into a retro-groove accented by Boyd’s shuffling drums. Flying High is another clear and singable tune with an easy predicted development, Luthert’s bass inserting a neat commentary on the leading piano. Groove Swing Funk does what it says on the tin, and Down But Not Out is a soulful ballad with bluesy decorations and a heartfelt solo from Luthert...


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